10 best picnic spots on Earth

Wine Picchu, Peru

From a height of almost 2500 meters from the top of the Wine-Picchu peak, towering above the legendary ruins of Machu Picchu, a magnificent view of the Urubamba River and the famous ancient Inca city opens. Perhaps on a steep climb uphill, a curious llama will make your company. What to eat? You can take with you “Kui” – a baked guinea pig, but it’s better to make sandwiches with Peruvian ham, onions, chili peppers, and lime and drink them with refreshing “Inca Cola”. Do not eat much – remember that there is a decent ahead.

Milford Sound, South Island, New Zealand

Dense forests, gloomy cliffs, waterfalls that carry their streams into the rivers, the 1,200-meter peak of Miter Rock, whose famous silhouette is the main attraction of New Zealand, rises above the Milford Fjord. All this is a nature reserve and one of the wettest places on earth; it rains here 182 days a year. Milford Sound is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is sometimes called the Southern Alps. The bus to Milford Sound departs from Queenstown early in the morning, then a two-hour boat tour on the mirror surface of the lake awaits tourists, during which you can pass the time with a light snack. Take kiwi with you, Australian Anzac oatmeal cookies, the so-called “colonial goose” – a roasted lamb leg and a bottle of the best local wine, Marlborough sauvignon blanc.

Villa Borghese, Rome, Italy

Olives, pizza-Bianca, pickled artichokes, salumi (dried sausage) and, of course, a bottle of Chianti – this is probably enough for a small picnic in Rome near ancient ruins and masterpieces of Renaissance architecture. Yes, and do not forget about a small quiet park. The gardens of Villa Borghese are located near Piazza del Popolo, an ideal place to escape from the bustle of the city. The Spanish Steps lead to the park in the English style, but Italy is responsible for the feelings here – this is confirmed by Bernini’s sculptures and paintings by Titian, Raphael, and Caravaggio, stored in the Borghese Gallery in this picturesque garden.

Singapore Botanic Gardens

The tropical jungle in the heart of one of the most modern cities in the world is a compact but impressive green harbor within the city. In the Orchid National Park – a collection of more than three thousand species of luxurious flowers, including the pink national orchid, the national symbol of Singapore. In addition, there are three lakes and a botanical center that will willingly enhance your knowledge of biology. The alley of palm trees in the garden is a great place for a picnic, especially during open-air concerts, which are held here regularly.

Point Reyes National Seaside Park, California

If you are fed up with fine wines and sumptuous dishes and the soul asks for a simple healthy meal in the fresh air, head to the beautiful nature reserve located north of San Francisco. Here you can find lizards and moose, meadow flowers and centuries-old pines. The reserve borders the coastal line of the Pacific Ocean, a favorite resting place for elephant seals. Trails near the rock of Chimni, overgrown with wildflowers, are especially popular with tourists, and lovers of calm, thoughtful picnics prefer a cape with a lighthouse, from where from January to March you can admire whales swimming on the horizon.

Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens, Cape Town, South Africa

For a memorable picnic in Cape Town, a botanical garden on the slopes of Table Mountain is best. Pack a bottle of wine from the wine capital of South Africa, the city of Stellenbosch, grab biltong – a variety of dried beef or a hamburger made from crocodile or ostrich meat and go for a walk along forest paths and through fynbos (for Afrikaans – bushes). More than 7 thousand species of plants grow here, including local medicinal and fragrant plantations, as well as the royal protea – the national flower of South Africa.

Tuileries Garden, Paris, France

Fountains, sculptures, two museums (the National Gallery of Jeu-de-Pom and the Museum of Orangerie, which houses the famous Monet’s Water Lilies) and countless comfortable armchairs make this garden, located around the perimeter of the Louvre, surprisingly comfortable space for organizing your own “Breakfast” on the grass”. With the Seine on one side and the Rue de Rivoli on the other, the Tuileries Gardens is an ideal place for respite. Drop by Angelina Patisserie (Rue de Rivoli, 226) to pick up Mont Blanc cake (cream, meringue and chestnut paste) and then relax under the tree for a few blissful minutes or even hours. The Eiffel Tower can wait.

Aran Islands, Ireland

The Irish Aran Islands at the mouth of Galway Bay are renowned for their picturesque, peaceful views that picnic lovers appreciate so much. Take some smoked salmon, rye bread, grab a bottle of whiskey and go on a pleasant trip by ferry from the city of Rossavil to the landscapes of karst limestone and lush greenery of Inishmore Island. Visit the sites of the oldest archaeological finds in Ireland and the ruins of ancient monasteries, and then move to the Dun Inas Fort, dating back to the Iron Age, where you can organize a picnic overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.

National Sculpture Garden, Washington, DC

All summer, for fans of picnics in the Sculpture Garden, jazz sounds. This elegant oasis, created at the National Gallery of Art, is filled with thousands of works by contemporary famous sculptors. The huge fountain refreshes in the summer (in the winter it turns into a skating rink), and the green thicket of the heliotrope and hydrangea create the perfect backdrop for a picnic in the fresh air.

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