5 most unusual diving sites

Museum “Avenue of Leaders”, Crimea

Who would have thought that in order to go to the museum, you need to wear a mask, flippers, special equipment, and sink to the seabed? Article by https://bishonenworks.com/. On the Tarkhankut Peninsula in Crimea, there is just such an amazing museum, telling about the famous people of the Soviet Union and not only. It was founded in 1992 by diver Vladimir Borumensky, who brought several busts of Soviet leaders and lowered them to the bottom. Now the museum has more than 50 exhibits: among the reefs are busts of Lenin, Marx, Engels. There you can meet literary classics like Sergei Yesenin, as well as the first cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin. There are also various world attractions in miniature, for example, the Eiffel Tower or Tower Bridge. In addition to exhibits created by man, you can also look at natural ones: bizarre rocks,

Atlantic Museum, Canary Islands

Another underwater museum, only a few more, recently opened off the coast of the Spanish island of Lanzarote, Las Coloradas Bay. This local attraction is designed not only to collect as many tourists as possible but to draw their attention to serious global problems, such as the and migration crisis. For example, a boat with people sitting thoughtfully in it refers to the tragedy that happened off the coast of Italy, when African refugees died trying to escape from tyranny in their country. 

The sculptor, British Jason Taylor, in many works refers to famous works of art, as well as to recent events taking place in the world. In February 2016, a part of the exposition was already opened, and the entire museum will be fully opened at the beginning of 2017.

Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico

One of the most famous places of cave diving in appearance does not stand out anything special. However, underwater you will find a whole world of various caves and labyrinths. Here are the largest stalactites in the world, and during the dive, you can see an unusual optical effect created by the reflection of light in saltwater. This place is also shrouded in mystical secrets. Maya Indians believed that in the local caves live underground gods, and the dark windows of the Cenotes lead into the underworld. Both novice divers and more experienced divers can dive here. Water temperature all year round about +28 degrees. It is worth diving with an experienced instructor, since there are thousands of caves around, and many of them are still unexplored.

Marlborough Bay, New Zealand

Fans of secrets and adventures will definitely want to visit this interesting place. Thirty years ago, the huge Soviet cruise ship Mikhail Lermontov sank to the bottom of the bay sank off the coast of New Zealand. During the disaster, one person died, so lovers of mysticism talk about the ghost that lives on the ship. In addition, in those places, there is a legend about a diver who has not returned, who was never found, therefore it is believed that his soul also remained on the ship. Due to the strong undercurrents, only experienced divers are allowed to dive into a ghost ship.

Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

Some of the most beautiful and exotic species during diving open here. This place is famous for its ancient underwater volcano, which is simply teeming with different kinds of animals. Here you can see huge coral reefs, impressive turtles, leisurely swimming next to the diver, schools of rainbow fish and white sharks, electric stingrays and even penguins. This archipelago is on the UNESCO World Heritage List due to its beauty and richness of flora and fauna. There are also strong undercurrents, so diving on the islands is mainly suitable for professionals. In addition, the temperature of the water leaves much to be desired, it is usually quite cold here. However, this does not stop thousands of travelers who want to see for themselves the wonders of underwater nature.

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