Kiss & Go Zone: Kiss and Go

A place in Kiss & Go is reserved for passengers and drivers accompanying or meeting them for 15 minutes in parking lots at terminals 1, 2 and 3 in the arrival and departure areas. Time is recorded by an electronic system that monitors the transit of cars in the parking lot and makes the flow faster and more organized.

Fast and safe

From the moment you stop in the Kiss & Go zone, the driver has 15 minutes to spend or meet his loved one in a calm, unhurried and not annoying environment without traffic jams and struggle for a place. It was this goal – to make trips to the airport and back faster and more comfortable, the creators of the Kiss & Go zone pursued. In addition, this encourages drivers to park only in designated areas, regardless of whether they are paid or not.

How to get around Kiss & Go

Departure The driver, escorting the passenger, can leave the car in one of the sections of the Kiss & Go zone for 15 minutes, say goodbye and return after her, making room for the next car.

Those who want to stay longer can pay for a parking space and extend their parking for up to one hour. If long wires are planned in advance, it is better to immediately leave the car in paid parking Easy Parking Comfort A, B, C, D, E in the arrivals area.


Meeting people also have the opportunity to stay for free in the Kiss & Go area for 15 minutes from the moment of entry, after which they are obliged to leave it, making room for the next car. If the driver wants to return later, he can pay and extend the parking, or rearrange the car, taking advantage of the free 15 minutes in the other Short-Stop parking zone T1 and T3. You can also always use the paid parking Easy Parking Comfort 

Changing the parking, the driver leaves the Kiss & Go area and his stay in it automatically stops. The motorist will have to pay the necessary fees if he wants to stay longer than the prescribed period.

If the driver exceeds the time limit without further payment, he will have to pay a fine.

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