Traveling “solo”. Why not?

There are things that are scary to decide for the first time. One of them is a solo journey, that is, alone. But there are many reasons to decide on such a trip. And we have collected the most important of them.

1. Rethink your life

Around us, there are a lot of things and people, and we do not often find ourselves alone. We run away from ourselves to our interlocutors, on the Internet, on business … But can we find ourselves if we run away from ourselves? To look at your life from the side, you need not just to leave, but to stay with your thoughts, to be with yourself, without being distracted. Take a walk alone, realizing at what point you are now and whether you are happy with it, make plans for the future and gain strength for their implementation.

2. Watch carefully

It is impossible to truly get acquainted with another country on excursions. But it is possible if you study it alone, without being distracted by the interlocutor, looking intently, taking pictures of local residents on the camera, taking travel notes, having lunch in restaurants away from tourist routes and wandering the streets without a map.

3. Find new friends

When traveling in a company, you are self-sufficient. Traveling alone, you are open. To talk, dating, adventure. And, perhaps, it is during your solo journey that you will meet the ideal fellow traveler!

4. Go on a journey without delay

Crazy, how do you feel like leaving somewhere right now? Or maybe you suddenly found very cheap flights – to where you always dreamed of getting? You do not need to wait for anyone, you do not need to put off and promise yourself a trip sometime later when your friend will have a vacation. Buy tickets and go on a trip yourself: any day convenient for you and at any place on the globe wherever you want. No compromises!

5. The opportunity to get bored

Have you ever tried not to tell anyone your thoughts and impressions for at least one week? If you tried, then you probably know how full and fascinating the conversation becomes after some silence. And how much I want to tell! Especially if you have an adventure.

6. Learn to listen to yourself

Traveling alone, your every step depends on you. You decide where to dine, where to stay overnight, which people to trust and which not, which street to go on. In such a journey, you can learn to understand what you really want. And this is an invaluable ability that will come in handy when you return home.

7. You can do a lot

Read books, work, take pictures, write stories, learn languages ​​… How many activities you can afford on a trip that you went with yourself! Much more than if you went to the company.

8. Learn Responsibility

Going on a trip alone, you will not begin to hope that your friend’s English is better and therefore he will find out how to get to the hotel. You will not think that it is not necessary to remember the road because your friend remembered it. You yourself will monitor the time when the plane leaves and you won’t say later, “Well, I thought you were looking at your watch!” Traveling alone, you will understand where your strengths and weaknesses are, learn to trust yourself and not be afraid of responsibility.

9. Be brave

“Luck is a reward for courage” – remember the words of a famous song? Indeed, all the great discoveries were made by brave people. And talents were recognized by those who had the courage to prove them. Want to become bolder? Then decide to go on a journey alone! Believe the world and yourself. Everything will be fine.

10. Change the plan

Do you have a travel plan, but you urgently wanted to change everything and go to another point on the planet? Or maybe you want to extend the trip and not return home yet? If you travel alone, you can always change your plans, allow yourself spontaneity, and even pass your ticket!

Be brave! And perhaps the solo journey will be the most important journey of your life.

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