What is a stopover or how to travel cheaper

The rest is the same. You also change one side of the plane to another. You also pass passport control (if there is one, that is if you need to cross the state border during a transplant). You can also sit at the airport for a day, buying sandwiches and beer at restaurant prices, listening to monotonous announcements of flight delays, asking the price of Duty-Free goods as the only entertainment. 

Or you can leave the airport and go to see a city in which you may never be again.

Some stopovers can last several days, sometimes a week. During this time, you can visit not just a city, but a whole country. Moreover, sometimes these two entities coincide. For example, the island state of Singapore in a couple of days can be explored along and across.

In general, the island states of Southeast Asia seem to be created for short trips. For example, in the Maldives during a stopover, you can visit not only the capital but also arrange a tour of several islands of the archipelago. So in the interval between transfers, you can fit a whole mini-vacation.

Usually, the length of the stopover does not exceed a couple of days, yet this is not the main purpose of the trip. In this case, theoretically, the duration of the transplant is not limited by anything, it can last several weeks. However, no one will give you an endless stopover, or at least you will have to pay for it as a full-fledged trip. Let’s look at the details.

1. Is stopover always free? What does it depend on? 

Not always, but often. If the stopover does not exceed 2-3 days, most likely it will be free – this means that the airline will not increase the cost of the ticket, and sometimes even pay you for hotel accommodation or arrange a free city tour (example: Turkish Airlines organizes a short tour of Istanbul and pay the traveler a night at the hotel).

If the stopover exceeds 2-3 days, then the longer the stop, the more you will pay for the ticket. Typically, the airline throws an additional $ 50-100 per stopover on the ticket price.

2. In which cities do stopovers do most often?

Among the popular cities in which travelers are not averse to spend their days, Dubai, Singapore, Prague, Istanbul, Doha and Reykjavik.

Emirates Airlines is one of the champions in providing long-term comfortable transfers. If you fly to Dubai or through Dubai over long distances, you can count on a stopover in Dubai for up to seven days. Moreover, the company at its own expense will pick you up from the airport and deliver you to the hotel. And as additional bonuses, he will make a discount on car rental and on the purchase of a safari tour.

If you are flying with a connection in Singapore, Singapore Airlines will offer you a very convenient and not very expensive two-day stopover, which makes it possible to spend two days in this city. The airline will take you from the airport to the hotel at your own expense, and the cost of living will be only $ 50 per night.

When you plan a trip, collect as much information as possible about the route, and most importantly – about the opportunities that this or that airline offers: free stopovers, discounts, and bonuses. And instead of one vacation, you can spend a few for the same money.

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